Unique Commercial Finance Solutions.

Discover a better way to a loan in Charlotte, NC
with Commercial Lending Solutions

Charlotte's got a lot of banks. But there's more to lending than banks...

Commercial Lending Solutions provides a personal touch that you won't find Uptown in the skyscrapers. We create a better way towards commercial loan approval. In fact, in many cases, with CLS, you are approved before you even make an offer. Call us at (843) 424-3010 to get started.

Commercial Financing

Learn about the specific ways we can provide commercial lending here.

Bridge to Perm Loans

Our most popular commercial loan. Learn more about them here.

Why CLS?

We aim to redefine commercial lending. Learn how we differentiate ourselves from the standard banks.

No matter what you want to do with your commercial real estate, we can help.

In the commercial real estate industry, finding a profitable investment is the top priority. We have the experience and expertise to direct our clients how to choose the best income-producing properties. You find the property, sit down with us and provide some details, and we can project your profits. Give us a call today.

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