About Us

Commercial Lending Solutions (CLS) offers commercial real estate loans for companies and income producing clients with access to competitive market rate financing.

Our programs include permanent finance solutions for all property types focusing on business and investment property debt restructuring.

CLS assists clients with their borrowing needs and helps business owners make smart choices about corporate finances. In many cases, assisting clients with borrowing needs that fall outside of their current lending credit model.

At Commercial Lending Solutions, we pride ourselves on building solid relationships with our clients, our lenders, and our diverse network of intermediaries.

If you have a client seeking funding, we will work closely with you to find the best financial structure available for your clients. Through our diverse network of underwriters we are able to offer an extensive range of flexible and competitive solutions.

We ensure the rates and options you are being offered are the most accurate and best available in the marketplace at the time of the loan.

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