Commercial Financing

Purchase – Refinance – Cash Out.

Every business has unique real estate needs. Whether you’re looking to open a new office building, hotel, restaurant, or any other type of commercial business, Commercial Lending Solutions can help you receive the funding you need to secure your location.

Commercial Lending Solutions provides lending in all 50 states, so no matter where your commercial real estate is located, we can help.

For Your Investment: Real Estate Loan Programs

We carefully consider your specific transaction requirements when structuring commercial real estate financing options. Commercial Lending Solutions is proud to offer the following loan solutions:

    • Non-Bank Lending: A good solution for stabilized investments and/or owner-occupied properties. Can be as low as $250,000 or as high as $5,000,000. Highlights of a conventional non-bank loan include a low rate of 5.5%, high LTVs of 75-80%, up to a 3-5-8-year term length, and amortizations of 30 years. Includes no income verification and no tax returns needed
    • Bridge to Perm Loans: A construction loan that will enable the new purchase to get upfitted in order to advance to permanent loan status. Bridge loans cover gaps in financing, and can be used to quickly provide capital as low as $1,000,000 or as high as $20,000,000.
    • CMBS: Stands for “Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities”. Range of $1,000,000 to $50,000,000. Secured via trust which issues investor-purchased bonds. Low interest rates, non-recourse debt, terms of 10 years, amortizations of 30 years and an option to cash out.
    • Construction: Covers new construction projects for builder developers that have land and a business plan in place but lack funding due to tight bank lending guidelines. Owners to supply 50% equity in land value. Lending range of $1,000,000 to $10,000,000.

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