Bridge to Perm Loans

What is a Bridge to Perm Loan?

Bridge to Perm loans are construction loans used to upfit your property. A Bridge to Perm Loan provides sophisticated solutions for investors who would like to hold onto their properties. It covers their property in the long-term after it’s stabilized. If the investor purchases additional properties with this Bridge to Perm Loan, it covers each property’s entire life cycle, from un-stabilized to stabilized. Once your property is stabilized, convert your bridge loan into a permanent financing with terms up to 20 years. You’ll realize improved economics on exit.

commercial building exterior before and after
Commercial building exterior – before and after a bridge to perm loan.

Loan Terms

  • Loans up to Seven Years for Bridge
  • Less than 1.0 Debt-Service Ratio
  • Prepayment Flexibility
  • Up to 20 year loan terms
  • Lock in your interest rate
  • Valuable long term planning tool
  • Assumable Loan Enhances Property Marketability

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