With Commercial Lending Solutions’s equity programs, it may finally be possible for you to make the investments you’ve always imagined for yourself. Whether you’re interested in investing because it’s a strategic financial plan or you’re following your life’s dreams, we here at CLS want to help you realize those goals.

CLS works with REIT & hedge funds to help our clients by leveraging capitol by us to create partnerships that provide short term bridge lending, which leads to a permanent loan. The following types of commercial loans include:

Multi-family buildings are often sound investments.


Multi-family buildings are one of the most risk-averse investments you can make. As the population rises all across the country, there will always be a need for more residential housing. By choosing the right location and the right time, as well as consulting with us at Commercial Lending Solutions, you could be on your way to owning of a multi-family structure in as little as a week’s time.

Self Storage

Self storage is a mammoth industry in the US. As of 2013, self storage in the US generated over $24 billion. Almost 9% of American households (10.85 million people) own at least one storage unit. Self storage has been the most rapidly growing segment in commercial real estate since the mid seventies and even survived the recession of 2008 relatively unscathed. Now is the time to purchase a self storage building.

Owning a medical facility can help change the world for the better.


By creating opportunities for medical professionals to practice medicine, heal people, and generally improve the lives those around them, you help to make your community a better place. Owning a medical facility near a hospital, for instance, and hiring management that will recruit young doctors to open a practice is a business plan worth considering. Contact us today to get started on your future.

Is there a facility you’re interested in purchasing not listed here? Don’t worry, we can still help. Call us at (843) 424-3010 or email david@cls.loans today.

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