Foreign Investors Program

What is a Foreign Investor?

Foreign Investors are non-permanent resident aliens who reside in the United States on a temporary basis and have obtained government issued residency documentation. Foreign Nationals with diplomatic immunity and real estate owned by foreign embassies are ineligible.

Qualifications for our Foreign Investors Program

Underwriting Criteria Foreign Investor Foreign Investor w/ no credit/FICO Foreign National
Credit (type) Personal TIN N/A SSC or TIN
US RE Holdings Minimum 1 investment in US N/A Minimum 1 investment in US
Loan to Value Max 60% Max 50% Max to Matrix
Asset Verification US Bank Acct US Bank Acct US Bank Acct
Proof of Primary Required Required Required
Identification Proof Passport/ID Passport/ID Green Card/Visa

Do you have questions about any of these qualifications? We specialize in working with clients in order to find solutions, even when the banks are not able to do so. Contact us with questions and get started today.

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