Investment Property Loans

Multi-family housing units are perfect selections for an investment property loan.

Investment Property Loans refer to all rental properties, including Airbnb. Sometimes known as Portfolio Loans, an Investment Property Loan is when you combine all of your properties into one loan. By consolidating all of your properties into one portfolio, it is possible to maintain one fixed low rate rather than dealing with various adjustable loan amounts for all of your properties.

How do I receive an Investment Property Loan?

Many investors who have multiple properties in their portfolio are having to deal with multiple interest rates. Rental Portfolio Loans, Credit Lines, and Single Asset Loans can all be combined using an intensive process through which all of your properties are consolidated into one loan.

Whether you have just a handful of homes or hundreds of properties in your portfolio, an Investment Property Loan may be beneficial to you as an investor. And we’re fully equipped to service all sizes of investment portfolios. All you need to do is contact us to get started.

Unlock the equity in your properties.

When investing in an Investment Property Loan, it becomes possible to take advantage of the equity locked within your properties. In addition to consolidating your portfolio, you will also be able to walk away from the process with some extra liquid assets in the process.

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